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We Are Moving | LM Clinical

Today, we come to you with even more exciting news.

Many of you know Leanne very well and have become very close with her over the years of being her client. Therefore, you will be very pleased to know that Leanne has set out on a new chapter of her life and has relocated to Warwickshire with her partner.

We are so thrilled for her and cannot wait to see what this venture brings for her in the future.

What is happening with the clinic?

Leanne has listened to the popular demand for her services lately and has made the thrilling decision to take the clinic with her on her journey to Warwickshire.

Not only is this new chapter exciting for Leanne, it is thrilling for the clinic, as it opens up a door of brand-new opportunities and allows Leanne to offer her services to an even wider audience now.

Setting up the clinic in a new location enables Leanne to raise her brand awareness and build on the business as well by working with a new, bigger audience.

With so many of our amazing existing clients willing to follow us on this journey, we cannot wait to open our doors to so many new clients and help them on their skincare journey.

We hope you will follow and join us in enjoying and celebrating this move and a new chapter, as we want you to see all the exciting opportunities that we will be faced with.

Where will we be based?

We will now be based in Baginton, Warwickshire area, it is 20 minutes away from our current clinic location, so not too far at all.

The room that we are moving into will be clean and welcoming for you, with all of our existing equipment and products staying the same. The only thing that is changing is the location of the clinic.

Leanne and her partner have worked hard to get the clinic relocated fast, and we have already had a good amount of clients comes into our clinic at the new location.

Our first day of treatments from our new room was Saturday the 21st of August and our clients have been more than happy with the new room and the majority have been happy enough to follow us there.

You may also have seen our address across our website and social platforms have officially changed now as well. Our targeting for our marketing efforts has also slightly been altered to reach out to the new Warwickshire audience as well as our current clients/audience.

Leanne has some extremely exciting plans for the future, so this won’t always be the permanent location of the clinic. Things will get bigger and better in the years to come, however, we will now be staying in the Warwickshire area for the foreseeable.

We hope you understand this decision and are just as excited as we are to embark on this adventure, thank you for your support and love always.

If you do have any questions or queries, please send a message to the LM Clinical social platforms.

Instagram: @lmclinical

Facebook: @LMClinical

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