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The Story Behind Leanne Marie Clinical Skincare & Aesthetics | LM Clinical

Leanne gets a lot of questions about how she found herself in this industry and how she came to founding a business within it.

As a company, we believe in transparency and we prioritise the relationships with our clients so therefore we were eager to share our story and that is what we bring to you in this blog.

How did Leanne get to where she is today?

Leanne had an interest in the industry for quite some time prior to this venture, so she had made the decision to participate in the relevant training and worked hard to get the qualifications in order to deliver skincare to friends and family.

This worked perfectly with her medical skills from studying child nursing at the university in Sheffield and working in Manchester for 4 years at St. Mary’s Hospital. When the NHS called for nurses, Leanne signed up to become a part of the Nightingale hospital at the start of lockdown.

Shortly after, she moved houses to become closer to her family and friends Leanne began working for the DWP with those who seek assisted services. However, it soon became increasingly difficult for Leanne to access paid work throughout lockdown.

As a result of this, Leanne decided to make use of the strange and unfamiliar silence that was locked down when coronavirus came into existence.

How was Leanne Marie Clinical Skincare & Aesthetics created?

Leanne made the executive decision within lockdown, to build her own business aimed at helping and supporting individuals in the local community that suffer from their skin conditions.

Obviously, her ability to perform premier skincare was unchallenging, to say the least, due to her clinical skincare training working side by side with her medical skills as well.

But, not only was the skincare and services offered by LM Clinical created to help peoples skin, they were designed to help with confidence and mental health issues related to their skin condition.

Leanne had identified that because of the alienated situation of lockdown, a lot of people both men and women on social media were struggling mentally and emotionally. This was especially highlighted by those people who felt this way due to the inability to access beauty and skincare services.

To make sure LM Clinical was well prepared to open when the beauty industry was able to re-open, Leanne was dedicating all of her time to advertise this new business venture.

As the time between the present and when close-contact businesses could reopen was getting longer and longer, Leanne decided to try and help people in an adapted way.

That is where her home kits came into play, LM Clinical then started to offer home clinical skincare kits so that the individuals who were in desperate need of a clinical standard facial, as well as a treatment plan, were put together.

How far has Leanne come since LM Clinical opened?

Since the beauty industry was allowed to return to work and restrictions were lifted Leanne successfully had her grand opening of Leanne Marie Clinical Skincare and Aesthetics. As well as this she provided educational events, online skincare advice as well as an array of clinical skincare treatments from her first clinic in Hinckley.

Now that a while has passed since the opening of LM Clinical, Leanne has been seeing great success within her business and receives frequent positive feedback from her clients.

In September of 2021, Leanne took on a very exciting venture in her personal life which meant a fresh and thrilling opportunity for the business. Leanne was asked to move in with her partner and so she made the decision to take the clinic with her and open her services to an even wider audience in Warwickshire.

Leanne was extremely excited to decorate her new clinic and get it exactly how she had been envisaging and welcoming a new customer base. Already, clients are loving the new clinic and Leanne is very pleased with how it has turned out.

It is safe to say LM Clinical and Leanne herself are enjoying this new venture and cannot wait to see what the future brings with the new clinic.

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