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Top tips for taking care of your skin this Autumn/Winter | LM Clinical

So, it’s official we are in Autumn now and the transition into the colder months is well underway.

What does this mean for our skin?

The harsh cold weather can cause severe damage to the health of your skin, therefore you need to make a few changes to your daily skincare routine to prevent this from happening. To ensure you are aware of all the need to know skincare tips for this Autumn/Winter, we have included a few of the most important ones in this blog.

Reduce acids and retinol -

As we know, our skin becomes drier and more sensitive during the winter months. Although you may think exfoliating would make the dryness worse, however, it is important to continue this step in your routine. Simply just decrease the strength of the product which you are using to avoid irritation as your skin’s sensitivity begins to change.

Therefore, if you move away from scrubs and transition to chemical exfoliants, they will help treat tight and flaky skin as well as improving skin's moisture retention. Try to opt for the gentlest AHA that is available, Mandelic acid.

Enhance your moisturiser -

Investing in thicker moisturisers as the cold temperatures come in is vital as this also means our central heating thermostat gets kicked up a notch or 3 which ultimately will dry your skin out.

The skin will benefit from a moisturiser with a thicker consistency as this will seal in the hydration, it is like your skin's version of a winter coat. For all you oil-free users, there are plenty of products with a thicker consistency for you as well.

Introduce oils -

It’s now time to switch up your cleansers to an oil-based or cream-based formula as the temperatures start to drop. This is due to your skin producing fewer oils, so it is important to wash your skin gently to prevent oil from being stripped.

All cream, oil, balm formulas cleansers still do a great job of removing makeup and deep pore cleansing without disrupting oil balance.

Still use SPF -

Regardless of the colder weather and darker days, you still need to use SPF. There may be less UVB present in winter, however, there is still enough to age your skin.

It is best to opt for an SPF with a high UVA rating all year round to protect your skin from the ageing effects.

Don’t reject your lips and hands -

In the winter, we are all guilty of licking our lips as they become progressively dry. Instead of licking them consistently, which in return causes them to be extremely sore and produce ‘Lick Eczema’, make sure your lips are sealed with an effective moisturising lip balm.

Hands are also very vulnerable to the cold and will become chapped and sore. To avoid this, you should wear gloves as and when you can, use a moisturising soap, and frequently use hand cream throughout the day.

Consider professional skin treatments -

Now that the sun exposure has decreased greatly, there is no better time than now to have professional skin treatments. Treatments such as peels and laser treatments are the types of procedures that people tend to avoid in the summer months.

However, these are exactly the rejuvenating and hydrating treatments your skin needs,

especially in winter, so now is the perfect time to get those booked in to ensure your skin stays healthy throughout the colder season.

If you do want to book in for a treatment to give your skin the love and care it needs this Autumn/Winter, please get in touch with us today: 07940 841610

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