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Making the best from a bad situation: from lockdown to leading skincare clinic.

When Coronavirus took a hold on our nation, we were all plunged into lockdown with the future of jobs, livelihoods and life as we knew it all in the balance.

Leanne Cope, a qualified neonatal nurse from Hinckley decided to use the period of uncertainty as an opportunity to build a new business to help and support those within the local community.

Now living in Hinckley, Leanne trained and spent 4 years in Manchester, working as a nurse at the St. Mary’s Hospital. Following a move closer to home to be nearer to family, she had been undertaking work on behalf of the DWP working with those seeking assistance to services.

Leanne initially signed up to be a part of the Nightingale Hospital nursing team when the NHS called for nurses at the beginning of lockdown, but due to limited cases she luckily wasn’t needed. With government support being unavailable, and the level of paid work available to Leanne becoming less and less, she decided to use this period of uncertainty to her advantage - to plan and build a business doing what she loved most, clinical skincare.

Leanne Marie’s Clinical Skincare & Aesthetics was born.

Having already had an interest in the area, Leanne had already luckily undertaken training to deliver clinical skincare to friends and family prior to lockdown. Hand-in-hand with her medical knowledge, her ability to provide first-class clinical skincare and accompanying treatments is second to none.

The clinical skincare provided by LMClinical can treat a range of problematic skin conditions, also addressing confidence and other associated problems, including mental health issues, that can come alongside skin conditions.

It was evident from stories across social media that during the lockdown, many women and men were feeling down and out due to the unavailability of beauty and skincare services available. Leanne wanted to ensure that she could offer services to help people who were being affected in this way as best she could.

In her home-based clinic, Leanne worked hard behind the scenes to market her business and to build a new client base and brand ready for when clinics and close-contact services were able to re-open in the summer.

She started off with at-home clinical skincare kits, to enable those in need of a clinical standard facial and treatment plan when close-contact services were not possible.

She has since successfully opened her Hinckley clinic when government restrictions were lifted, as well as offering educational events around skincare, providing online skincare advice, and also offering an array of clinical and beauty treatments all from Whitworth Avenue, Hinckley.

Leanne has certainly led the way in turning a negative into a positive.

Upon lockdown being lifted, she is now running a new, successful business and providing well needed, in-demand services for the people of Hinckley and surrounding areas.

Leanne Cope, LM Clinical said:

“I really hope that by sharing my story of determination and hard work, that it will inspire others facing job losses at the moment and give some hope that doesn’t have to be doom and gloom. It gave me the drive to look at other, new opportunities that were available to me, and whether that be by building a new business or obtaining work in a new sector, it may be the start of something fantastic”.

Leanne Marie’s Clinical Skincare & Aesthetics offers clinical skincare and other beauty services including dermaplaning, lash lifts, chemical peels and more within Hinckley and salons in Bulkington and Nuneaton.

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