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Laura Whitmore Joins the AlumierMD Family | LM Clinical

In the world of AlumierMD there has been some very exciting news released recently. Our AlumierMD Family is growing rapidly, as just a few weeks ago the amazing Laura Whitmore joined us!

Laura herself made the thrilling announcement on her personal Instagram on the 23rd of July, and it is safe to say ourselves, along with a lot of others, had a fangirl moment.

AlumierMD Family Partners -

AlumierMD is always looking for great individuals to raise awareness of their medical-grade cruelty-free skincare brand. Therefore, to have a celebrity like Laura Whitmore who is in the public eye a lot at the moment due to it being Love Island season is a huge achievement for the brand.

In Laura’s post, she explains the tough conditions her skin goes through via the nature of her job and the effects it can have on her skin.

She quotes, “Looking after your skin is my number one beauty hack. Getting older, constantly travelling and working in different climates, and getting less sleep means I have to take extra care and have a routine that gives my skin all it needs.”

The benefits of AlumierMD -

Laura openly discusses her skincare journey and her experience with AlumierMD so far, which proves just how incredible their products are and shows all the reasons that we use these products within our clinic.

Like many of us, Laura shares the same frustrating experiences with skincare, having tried and trusted a huge variety of different skincare products in the past that perhaps work for others, just not for her.

However, after her personalised, virtual consultation, the professionals at AlumierMD were on hand to create a personalised skincare plan to suit Laura’s skin. This is one of the best aspects of AlumierMD that stand them out against the rest. They notice that everyone’s skin is unique, and therefore not one solution suits all skin types.

This is also something we preach very seriously in our clinic as well, therefore we hold skin consultations for all skin types and conditions so that we can identify which treatments and products will be best suited to your skin, in order to get the most out of your visit to LM Clinical.

Laura quotes “My skin looks so fresh!! (And considering my schedule of late, it shouldn’t look this good!) “

On Instagram, AlumierMD and Laura held a LIVE stream on Laura's account and had a fun, relaxed chat all about wellbeing and skincare.

In this LIVE stream, Laura openly spoke about her role as a mum, TV host, author and wellness advocate. She shared all of her advice and top tips, as well as how AlumierMD has helped her keep up this busy schedule and maintain glowing, healthy skin.

In our clinic, we are all about educating people on the importance of skin health and wellbeing, so to see this fantastic news in the recent weeks has filled us with excitement and even more passion for what we do.

We are so excited to see how Laura gets on with AlumierMD!

If you want to get amazing results with your skin just like Laura, please get in touch with us, and we will get you booked in for a consultation at our clinic.

P.S. We have another very exciting announcement relating AlumierMD products coming in our next blog, so keep your eyes peeled.

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