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Is Skincare Important For Men Too? | LM Clinical

Skincare is a very important element of looking after yourself for everyone, all genders, skin types and skin conditions. This one of the main reasons that we welcome all the above with open arms as no one should be singled out when it comes down to something as important as your skin!


Our priority is to have you feeling confident and comfortable in your skin.


Unfortunately in today’s society it does appear that skincare seems predominantly targeted at the female sector, and it may be harder for men to find the correct products and advice for themselves.


Every individual’s skin is different and therefore has different requirements to one another. It may go without saying that skincare for men has completely different needs and demands as opposed to women’s, due to the testosterone hormones.


The basic skincare regime that people should be following is cleaning your skin morning and night followed by the products that fulfil your skin's needs in between.


Although this may come as a surprise to some men, there is a reasonable amount of skincare ranges designed for men out there and available to you. It’s finding it that is the difficult part as we understand.


You will be glad to know that all products, services and advice we give within our clinic, applies to both genders with all skin types and conditions.


If you are struggling to find skincare that men can use, browse through the products on our website to start you off with your skincare journey.


It is just as crucial for men to spend some time learning more about their skin and how to take care of it more!


The more you know and understand about your skin, the easier it will become to become confident and comfortable within it.


When you have discovered your skin type and what your skin requires, when you begin to search for products, consider the labels and information on them.

For example, if you have acne-prone skin you will be better suited to products that state they are oil-free and that help resolve acne. In another light, if you have more of a sensitive skin type, you need to opt for products that state they are fragrance-free as these harsh chemicals could lead to irritation of your skin.


One golden rule is moisturizing regularly!


If you want to prevent wrinkles or even reduce them moisturizer will become your best friend. You will soon see your skin will also appear, brighter and younger.


A big concern for men and their skincare is the process of shaving and the embarrassing shaving rash or spots that it can cause, this is definitely something that needs talking about more.


For a number of men multi-blade can actually shave too close to the skin and leave you with a list of nasty consequences such as ingrown hairs, razor burn and more. If you can relate to this problem, we would advise you to change to a single or double blade razor and to refrain from stretching your skin as you shave.


If you find that you are still struggling with the products and advice out there for men, we can offer you an online consultation so that you can have a personalized chat with our team of trained clinicians!


We would love to have a chat with you and help you as much as we can to find your perfect skincare products and solutions, please be sure to drop us a message either on our Instagram page or Facebook page.

We look forward to speaking with you!

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