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It goes without saying that winter is one of the most common causes of dry skin, as irritating as this can be, it doesn’t have to ruin winter completely for you!


Unfortunately following the same skin care routine all year round doesn’t meet your skin’s ever-changing requirements throughout the different seasons. The winter can be particularly harsh upon your skin and lead to severe dry skin and potentially breakouts, due to itching and touching your face.


We know first hand how disheartening this can be especially around the Christmas and party season, the last thing you want is dry skin.


Not a lot of people speak about this subject and assume that the solution is as simple as just moisturizing with any old product on a daily basis. We are here to tell you it isn’t this simple and to give you helpful advice in order for you to heal dry skin and also prevent the return.


Best Practices When Cleansing Your Skin -


Don’t let an essential task such as showering and bathing add to the issue even more. There are a few easy alterations you can put in place to stop this from happening.


Such as, when cleansing your face, opt for a fragrance-free cleanser, as the strong perfume within these products will contribute to stripping your skin of moisture, even more so in the winter.


Staying on the topic of cleansing your skin, you need to ensure that you apply enough to ensure that you remove all the dirt and oil sitting on your skin. However, avoid using too much (a thick lather).


Once you have cleansed your face, before you are about to rub your face with any old towel, get a clean towel out and blot your skin with it. This will avoid causing further damage to the surface of your skin and making it sore and agitated.


Almost immediately after you have dried your skin, make sure you apply generous amounts of moisturizer to stop you from dealing with that frustrating, restricted and tight feeling within your skin.


Moisturizing Products to Avoid  -


When reaching for a moisturizing product, avoid all those that are branded as lotions as these can prove to be more irritating on your skin. Creams and ointments are the most effective to resolve dry skin whether this is on your face, hands or body.


I am guessing your next question is going to be what moisturizing products are best to use on your lips?


The answer to this question is simply, to pick a lip balm that feels good on your lips, none of this tingling nonsense as this does your lips no favours.


Venturing outdoors in these colder months -


The best way to protect your skin when out and about in winter is by layering up, for example wearing gloves will protect your hands against the cold air.


Sitting in front of an open fire for a while will dry your skin out as well, and this goes for any source of heat.


Products We Recommend  -


Recently, our friends over at Alumier have released an at home hydration kit that features two exclusive products that previously were only available for professionals to use!


This intense hydrating 3-step process can be carried out one to three times a week and provides clinic quality results in the ease of your own home.


This at home hydration kit is suitable for all skin types, conditions, ages and genders, it couldn’t be more perfect.


We want to make looking after your skin as easy and accessible as possible whilst we are unable to open and able to welcome you into the clinic.



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