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The benefits of Dermaplaning

Dermaplaning is a relatively new treatment that is extremely popular with both women and men who wish to revive their skin and remove the dull layer - providing instant results.

The treatment involves a trained professional (just like us!) using a clinical grade scalpel blade to remove the dead skin cells and the peach fuzz hair that appears on the face.

The treatment is quick, you get instant results, it exfoliates, improves the appearance of fine lines and leaves your skin smooth and shiny.

So.... let's go into a little more detail of how Dermaplaning can really make an impact on your skin and change your skincare treatment routine for good.

Immediate Results

By removing the Vellus facial hair and dead skin cells, Dermaplaning makes your face visibly brighter even after the first treatment. The top layer of our skin is exposed to harsh toxins and irritants every day, especially true if you ride public transport, or if your work exposes you to the sun. With regular mask wearing - this can also contribute to build up.

Dermaplaning releases the fresh layer underneath.

Fast procedure with minimum down time

Dermaplaning only takes around 30 minutes, and despite using a blade, is non-invasive. There are no prep time for dermaplaning, we do recommend not to wear make up for the rest of the day - but the down time is minimal, which means you pretty much can carry on as normal.

Minimal Risk

Dermaplaning doesn't involve using any other products, so this eliminates the risk of any allergic reactions.

We expect a little redness the day of the procedure, but apart from that you're pretty much good to go!

Make up looks AMAZING!

Because your skin is left so silky smooth, your make up will glide across your skin.

Foundation and powder will look smooth on your skin because you won’t have small lines or hairs making creases in it, and because dead skin cells have been removed from your face, it is smoother and much readily absorbs the makeup pigments.

Gets you regenerated

Dermaplaning helps your facial skin cells to regrow and allows serums and moisturisers to really get deep into the skin. This type of exfoliation can even take away some types of acne scars. What’s more, because your skin pores are unclogged, your skin can become less prone to acne breakouts.

Good for those who are super sensitive

If your skin is super sensitive, Dermaplaning is a fantastic place to start.

It isn't as harsh as other treatments available on the market, and we can incorporate other complimentary clinical skincare treatments with Dermaplaning to get the best results possible.

Dermaplaning is available in our Hinckley clinic now!

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